As part of the AnkerPay ecosystem, a key component is the AnkerPlatform that enables the creation of exchanges that provides liquidity for an AnkerDex and various other decentralized finance applications. AnkerPlatform is interoperable and decentralized at its core making it safe and secure for the next generation of financial applications to be built.


One such use case is making native cross platform swaps that doesn't depend of on the use of the same cryptographic hash function, such as Atomic swaps. AnkerSwaps is a major leap towards interchangeability. 


AnkerPlatform is a pure decentralized multi-chain interoperable platform for the creation of decentralized finance applications that connects them to an environment of services that is vital for future growth and global adoption.


A few solutions and Decentralized Financial Applications

of theAnkerPlatform


Decentralized Lending

This will enable users to benefit from a blockchain agnostic platform that will algorithmically set interest rates that are based on normal supply and demand rules. Users will be able to take out loans and use any cryptocurrency as collateral.

Cross Chain Swaps

Native cross chain swaps that allows Bitcoin to swap with Dash, Dash with Ethereum etc. Without an intermediary. 

Decentralized Options Trading

Users will have the freedom to exercise options at any given date, European style options will settle automatically on the expiration date.

Asset Digitization

Asset digitization can final be implemented and deployed without the need for centralized exchange listings. 

Decentralised Futures trading

Users will be able to increase their position size and use this to facilitate margin trading without relying on a centralized entity. These Bitcoin and other Crypto asset futures could either be settled in cash or by Physical delivery of the asset on settlement.

Anker True Dex

A decentralized exchange that has not been seen before that utilizes the AnkerSwaps. This will also solve decentralized exchanges' low volume. 

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